Professional & Academic Background



Retired architect with over 20 years of international experience. Because of passion for intellectual pursuits, also holds an MA in Creativity in Design; currently studying for Ph.D. in Kinesiology. Strong technical skills from both education and practice. Combines creative and artistic thinking as a well-rounded writer of both books and articles. Award winning author (non-fiction) and recipient of many professional and academic awards. Excellent communication skills. A well received guest lecturer and speaker at several institutions including the University of Calgary and Alberta College of Art and Design. Passionate about teaching. Enthusiastic to share knowledge and experience with students in small groups, on a one-on-one basis or, in a workshop setting.


University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Ph.D. student, Department of Kinesiology (Currently)
  • Master of Arts. Area of Specialization: Creativity in Design (2011)

Washington State University, Pullman, WA, USA

  • Bachelor of Science, Architectural Studies cum laude(1992)
  • Bachelor of Architecture (Professional degree) cum laude (1992)

University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Bachelor of Arts, Archaeology (1976)


  • University Teaching Certificate (2010)
  • Instructional Skills Workshop Certificate (2009)


  • Trevithick Book Prize for academic writing (2010)
  • Alberta Graduate Student Scholarship[4.0 GPA] (2010)
  • Queen Elizabeth II scholarship for graduate students (2009)
  • Phi Kappa Phi National Honors Society [US] (1992)
  • Golden Key National Honors Society [US] )1992)
  • D. E. Brooks Memorial Scholarship for Architecture [US] (1992)
  • Tau Beta Pi National Engineering Honors Society [US] (1991)
  • Presidential Award for Culture; Government of the ROC (1982)