Teaching Experience & Lectures



University of Calgary  2010 – Present

Writing Tutor, Student Success (Jan 2015 – Present)

  • Provides writing coaching to students ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D. Topics include writing assignments; proposals and theses
  • Facilitator of writing workshops for students
  • In addition to correcting writing techniques, also lead students into exploring topics in greater depth and from different perspectives. This has been very much appreciated by students

Guest Lecture, Department of Kinesiology (2014)

  • Discussed the problems and solutions facing researchers trying to implement Eastern Philosophies to Human Movement (e.g., Tai Chi and Yoga) in Western Medical Rehabilitation Programs. Several faculty members expressed an interest into how this lecture could be applied to their own research.

Guest Lecturer, Fine Arts 507 (2013)

  • Presented ideas for developing a design aesthetic in video games. Assisted students in seeing the potential of their partial ideas and create strategies for expanding these ideas in their own, original works.

Guest Lecturer, Fine Arts 507 (2012)

  • Guided & advised students preparing and presenting their written design documents. Demonstrated why this is a crucial step in prototyping video games.

Guest Lecturer, Fine Arts 507 (2011)

  • Discussed the notion of narrative and interactive media. Encouraged students to explore how their own story ideas can be developed and integrated into a variety of media.

Guest Lecturer, Fine Arts 507 (2010)

  • Guided students in understanding how storytelling and written content is affected when transferred to other media. As a result, they were successful in expressing their background stories in their final presentations.

(Invited) Guest Assistant, MFA thesis projects [Scenic Design] (2010)

  • Spent one semester working with a group of MFA students in scenic design and directing. Provided direct assistance and comments, design ideas, etc. to help them finalize their thesis projects.

Alberta College of Art & Design  2010 – 2011

Guest Lecturer, Fourth Year Design Studio (201)

  • Discussed the value of the partial idea and how ‘high end’ design professionals record and return to previous/undeveloped ideas. Worked on developing similar habits in their professional careers.

Guest Lecture, Design Master Class (2011)

  • Lectured on the use of Transmedia Storytelling in design. Practical exercises allowed participants to realize the potential use of this approach in their own work.

Presenter/Workshop Leader, Workshop for Design Professionals (2011)

  • Lectured on problems and solutions to cross-disciplinary collaboration in design. Engaged design professionals via practical exercises to develop their own strategies for creating successful projects.

Washington State University 1992

Teaching Assistant, Architecture

  • Graded papers and supervised exams for Environmental Studies. Organized impromptu study groups that helped students: review materials and prepare for exams; develop strategies for creating portfolios for admission to the various programs. These sessions also afforded them the opportunity to get to know their fellow students.
  • Co-organized and taught a weekend design charrette for second year architecture students. This charrette provided them with additional skills for creating quick design studies and preliminary presentations not traditionally taught during regular studio tim

Mount Royal College 1987

Course instructor, Criminology

  • Implemented a pilot program of self-defense and stress management for Criminology students. Provided coping techniques and strategies to reduce the possibility of developing PTSD in their future law enforcement careers.

Prior to 1976

Health and Welfare Canada

  • Organized and taught first government sponsored Tai Chi program for senior citizens in North America. Produced student reference manual and was subject of a short documentary film promoting Tai Chi for health.